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Bedding-in brake discs

■Street use only

It depends on a combination of pads/discs and conditions of the road you drive on, but bedding-in takes roughly 300~1,000km to complete. During this period, please avoid fast or abrupt driving or do not drive in a way as to force the temperature up. Bedding-in will be completed simply via normal driving.
It is recommended that the mechanics complete the very beginning phase of the bedding-in for customers. The beginning phase of the bedding-in is the period when a brake pedal feels spongy, or when the friction does not pick up instantly after the brake pedal is pressed.
Do NOT drag brakes for bedding-in. Just repeat normal braking from the medium speed with medium foot pressure until the car comes to a low speed of 10kph or so (to achieve full contact between pads and discs. Short braking only promotes the contact on the outer part of brake discs). Repeat the braking until the pedal is rigid and the friction feels linear to the foot pressure.
* The number of braking required varies depending on 1) the condition of the disc surface, 2) the pad friction surface and 3) the types of friction material.
If the disc surface is uneven, machine them or replace them if the thickness is near the wear limit which is engraved on the edge of the discs. With new or resurface discs, it is also advisable to sandpaper the surface of friction material if the brake pads are used for better results.

■Circuit use

When using a new disc for the first time on a circuit, start with 50% braking for about 5 minutes and then go back to the pit once and take at least 5-minute intervals. Then, repeat 70~80% braking for about 10 minutes. Pit in again and take an interval of about 10 minutes. Finally, gradually increase from 80% to 100% braking, and the bedding-in of discs on a circuit is completed.

《 Comparisons of the method of recommended bedding-in 》

  Low pressure Medium to high pressure High pressure Cooling
DIXCEL 5 mins, then cooling of 5mins 10mins, then cooling of 10mins 80% to 100% pressure in 5mins  
Brand A 150-80kph x 10 times (interval 600-800m)   180-60kph x 5 times cooling x 3 minutes
Brand B 50% braking x 5 minutes   80-100% x 5 minutes cooling x 2 minuites
Brand C 5 times 5 times 3 times cooling x 20 minutes PARKING
Brand D 3 sec braking x 30 times with LOW to HIGH pressure. 800m interval between each braking)  
Brand E 5times 5 times at slow to medium speed (interval 500m)  
Brand F   145-40kph x 5 times 2-3 laps