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Comparison of RA type, Specom-α, and Specom-β

Published Date:05.Jan.2023/Updated Date:25.Jan.2023



  • Superior brake control even with great initial bite/response
  • Braking power directly proportional to brake pedal pressure
  • Perfect match with slick racing tires, competition-use tires, and high performance radial tires
  • Suitable for track day events, clubman race series, and one make races such as Civic inter cup.
  • The official brake pad of the Volkswagen Scirocco Cup China Series – RA type was chosen among the world class competitors for the homologated brake pads for the globally important race series for the car manufacturer.

Special Compound Series


  • Much more powerful friction and sharper initial bite than RA type
  • Ideal brake modulations/release control for trail-braking
  • Stable characteristics under high temperatures, high speed and high loads
  • Suitable for cars without masterback/vaccum brake boosters
  • Desgined for GT cars, time attacking machines, and high power tuning cars.


  • Longer life than RA type with powerful friction and strong initial bite
  • Stable braking power and brake feel even after long extended usage, which helps stabilized lap times.
  • Applicable to GT cars, clubman race cars, touring cars etc.