About Bedding-in

Street use only

It depends on combination of pads and conditions of road you drive on, it takes roughly 300km`1,000km of running-in on ordinary roads. During that period, please refrain from fast or abrupt driving or do not drive in a way as to force the temperature up. Running in of rotors will be completed simply via normal driving.

Circuit use

istortion or cracks in rotors happen easier if optimum driving on a circuit is conducted straight from the beginning this in turn causes judders. When using a new rotor for the first time on a circuit, start with 50% braking for about 5 minutes and then go back to the pit once and take at least 5 minutes interval. After that, repeat 70`80% braking for about 10 minutes. Pit in again and take an interval of about 10 minutes. After that, gradually increase from 80% to 100% braking and the running in of rotors on circuit is completed.

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