The safety of having an additional 20% improvement in brake performance.
  • Simulated testing of both the SD and PD discs in the same conditions show a increase of brake performance by up to 20%.
  • With a 20% increase in brake performance, the driver can drive with more comfort and safety.
  • After careful consideration of various factors such as pad wear, noise level, and gas ventilation, 6 slots was adopted as a standard for SD brake discs.
  • The best width, angle, and depth of the slots were chosen using the data from various races and road tests.
  • For the 6 slot brake discs, reverse rotation (slots pointing forward) is recommended for a better brake performance.
  • By offsetting the slots on the inner and outer side of the disc, an improvement in brake modulation was achieved.

※12 slot version (SDT type) is available upon request as option. The surcharge of 12 slots is JPY6,000 (w/o tax). /p>



Is it better to change the brake pads and brake discs at the same time?
SDtype グラフ
  • The above chart represents evaluation values of our product in 100 phases in comparison with genuine rotors of the test model. Values of genuine rotors show 50.
  • The values above should be only used as a reference to better understand the performance differences.
  • Higher values signifies the performance increases when compared to the standard disc.


弊社品番 適合車種 定 価
純正品 SDタイプ
311 3229 アリスト、アルテッツア、マークII ¥21,420 ¥24,150 ¥15,750
311 8206 101系カローラセダン/ワゴン・バン ¥18,060 ¥23,100 ¥14,700
321 8112 シルビア(S14/15ターボ)、スカイライン(32ターボ) ¥18,942 ¥24,150 ¥15,750
331 3061 オデッセイ、ステップワゴン、シビック ¥18,900 ¥21,000 ¥12,600
331 5007 S2000 ¥23,100 ¥22,050 ¥16,800
341 6003 ランサーエボリューション(ブレンボキャリパー装着車) ¥38,850 ¥33,600 ¥27,300
361 7001 レガシィ、フォレスター、インプレッサ ¥19,467 ¥22,050 ¥16,800
361 7003 インプレッサ(GDB/ブレンボキャリパー装着車) ¥96,600 ¥33,600 ¥27,300
371 4003 アルトワークス(HA/CN系)、ワゴンR(CT系ターボ) ¥20,265 ¥23,100 ¥15,750
371 4011 ワゴンR(MC/MH系ターボ) ¥17,430 ¥21,000 ¥14,700
111 3240 ベンツ C280(W202)、CLK200(W208)、SLK200(R170) ¥24,150 ¥23,100 ¥14,700
111 3396 ベンツ CLK320(W208)、SLK320(R170) ¥28,140 ¥28,350 ¥19,950
121 2623 BMW E36/E46 3シリーズ ¥21,630 ¥25,200 ¥16,800
121 3043 BMW E39 5シリーズ ¥26,250 ¥27,300 ¥18,900
131 2455 VW ゴルフ II、ルポ、ポロ ¥23,100 ¥22,050 ¥13,650
211 2444 シトロエン サクソ、クサラ プジョー106、206、306 ¥17,430 ¥21,000 ¥12,600
251 2512 アルファロメオ 147、156、164、GTV ¥48,090 ¥36,750 ¥27,300


なお、これらの金額はメーカー希望小売価格であり、流通価格ではございません。 (一般的に純正品の場合は純正定価=流通価格となります。)

The performance difference between forward and reverse rotations.

The slots are effective in both forward and reverse rotations. The reverse rotation has a higher friction level compared to forward rotation.
But the downside is that the pad wear rate is higher for reverse rotation compared to forward rotation. Please look at the chart below to see the comparison between forward and reverse rotations.

The data above is based on our Z type pads. This test data is from testing on the street and race circuit. The values can vary depending on the pad material. Pad wear level also depends on the usage. At DIXCEL, we evaluated each disc's characteristics. To achieve a high level of friction, we recommend the following uses.
For discs with 6 slots, we recommend reverse rotation. For discs with 12 slots, we recommend forward rotation.

※The two-piece brake discs come in 6, 8, and 12 slots. Please use the discs in reverse rotation NOT forward rotation.
For one-piece discs with directional ventilation, please install in the forward rotation since reverse rotation will be harmful to the cooling effects.

The DIXCEL SD series discs are for the users who want more braking power and better disc appearance when compared to their standard disc.
Cutting for balancing

Cutting for balancing

All DIXCEL brake discs are checked for balance to prevent vibration.
Correction of the balance is done by milling/cutting out the side of brake discs.
This is a method taken by car manufacturers' brake discs.

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