Better bite & low dust pads at an affordable price

  • Improved stopping power compared to OEM brake pads.
  • Helps prolong disc life.
  • Scorched friction surface for an improved bedding-in process.
  • Pre-installed mechanical brake pad sensors and stop noise shim. (On models originally equipped with sensors)
  • Can be used with any type of DIXCEL brake disc range.

Applicable Stages

  • ストリート
  • ワインディング(ノーマル)
  • ワインディング(ハード)
  • サーキット
  • ジムカーナ
  • ダートトライアル
  • ラリー

Winding (normal) = normal driving on winding mountain roads

Friction Materials:
Non asbestos organic
Effective Temperature Range:
Brake dynamometer/Fade test 2nd section:
Max. μ:0.50/Ave. μ:0.41/Min. μ:0.35

※EC-type brake pads are for street-use only. The pads are NOT designed for circuit-use. DIXCEL is NOT responsible for any problems which may occur from circuit-use.

※The color of back plates has been changed from silver to black although the friction material is the same.

To further REDUCE brake dust, choose our ‘M Type’ brake pads.

with Brake Pad Grease(PG101)


Characteristic Chart


The radar chart represents a comparison of each characteristic between DIXCEL products and general OEM products.

Above values are based on actual test results.

Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust values are tested and calculated after a proper bedding-in procedure has been completed.

Visual difference of brake dust

(after 1,000㎞ mileage)


Testing data showing the performance differences between the EC-type pads and OEM pads.

The extra series has the brake performance of sport brake pads with a price equivalent to OEM pads. To actually test the performance differences, a braking test was done with an stock Toyota Alphard.
The testing method is rather simple. The car goes through full braking from 80km/h. The distance from the braking point to the point where the car comes to a complete stop is measured.

Photos from the brake tests

Photos of OEM brake tests
Photos of EC-type brake tests

The distance from the braking point to the point where the car comes to a complete stop (Distance in meters)

  Test1 Test2 Test3 Test4 Test5 The average of the 3 middle numbers
excluding the max. and min numbers
ノーマル 21.80 21.00 19.60 23.20 22.80 21.87
EC 19.70 17.60 17.80 21.00 17.30 18.37

The result, the EC-type has an average of 3.5 meters shorter braking distance compared to the OEM pads.

Price comparisons between car manufacturers’ original products and EC pads

Being an entry level product of DIXCEL, EC type brake pads have a superior price-performance ratio.   With upgraded overall performance, EC type delivers great value as general replacement parts.

Make Model Year Model
Set price
Set price
Toyota Voxy 07/06~14/01 ZRR70W ZRR75G ZRR75W ¥17,690 ¥14,700 ¥-2,990
Crown 12/12~13/08 GRS214 ¥18,750 ¥14,700 ¥-4,050
Alphard 08/04~15/01 ANH20W/25W GGH20W/25W ¥19,090 ¥14,700 ¥-4,390
HIACE 04/08~ 200 Series ¥10,120 ¥8,400 ¥-1,720*
Nissan Note 16/11~ HE12 ¥12,900 ¥8,400 ¥-4,500*
Serena 05/05~16/08 C25/26 Series ¥21,120 ¥14,700 ¥-6,420
Silvia 99/1~02/09 S15 ¥20,100 ¥14,700 ¥-5,400
Honda Fit/Jazz 09/11~13/09 GE6 ¥18,890 ¥14,700 ¥-4,190
Odyssey 13/11~17/11 RC1/2 RC4 ¥20,590 ¥14,700 ¥-5,890
Mitsubishi eKek Wagon 06/08~07/08 H82W ¥9,990 ¥6,300 ¥-3,690*
12/07~19/10 CV5W ¥20,890 ¥14,700 ¥-6,190
Mazda Atenza Sedan 12/11~19/08 GJEFP GJ5FP GJ2FP ¥22,890 ¥14,700 ¥-8,190
CX-5 12/02~14/11 KEEFW/KEEAW/KE2FW/KE2AW/KE5FW/KE5AW ¥21,790 ¥14,700 ¥-7,090
Subaru Legacy Wagon 12/05~ BRG ¥26,800 ¥14,700 ¥-12,100
WRX 14/08~17/06 VAB ¥103,800 ¥14,700 ¥-89,100
Suzuki Wagon R 12/09~17/02 MH34S ¥7,590 ¥6,300 ¥-1,290*
Swift 17/09~ ZC33S ¥20,890 ¥14,700 ¥-6,190
Daihatsu Move 10/12~14/12 LA110S ¥7,990 ¥6,300 ¥-1,690*
Copen 14/06~ LA400K ¥8,990 ¥6,300 ¥-2,690*