Brake shoes

Rear brake shoes for street performance and competition-use

The RGS-type not only has high initial bite, but offers stable operating friction level as well as superior fade resistance. The performance has been proven with wins in Nissan March (Micra) and Toyota Vitz (Yaris) one-make races. This product is not only for competition users but for street performance users.

Friction Materials Non asbestos organic
Applicable Stages Fast road, Circuit, N1 race
※ワインディング(ノーマル)=通勤や買物等で、ワインディング路を通常走行される方 ※ワインディング(ハード)=スポーツカー等で、ワインディング路を速めに走行される方
Part No./Application/Price
RGS-3154642 EP82/91スターレット、 ¥15,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3154684 ZZT230セリカ、NCP15ヴィッツ ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3154700 NCP10ヴィッツ、 ¥11,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3154766 NCP91ヴィッツ ¥16,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3155100 M200/201G YRV ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3252089 AK12/BK12マーチ ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3252396 BNK12マーチ(前期) ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3252408 K11/HK11マーチ、 ¥12,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3252528 BNK12マーチ(後期) ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3351068 GD1/3フィット ¥19,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3351094 GE系 フィット ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3556774 DW3W/5Wデミオ ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3559914 DE5FSデミオ 15C ¥15,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3559916 DE5FSデミオ SPORT ¥15,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3751938 ZC11/21Sスイフト ¥16,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3750064 ZD11/21Sスイフト ¥16,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3850072 M211G YRV ¥16,000(w/o tax)
RGS-3850074 L880Kコペン ¥16,000(w/o tax)

※Available for a variety of vehicles. Please check the Application Table or directly contact DIXCEL.

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