Brake shoes

Rear brake shoes and drum-in-disc brake shoes for Gymkhana-use.

After repeated tests and developments, the materials chosen offers superior initial bite. The superior initial bite makes it easier to do drift turns which is commonly used in auto-cross, rally and drifting events. This product is for people looking to participate in any of these events.

Friction Materials Non asbestos organic
Applicable Stages Auto-cross, Drift, Rally, Dirt trial

★ サイドインナーシュー

Part No./Application/Price
RGM-3154642 EP82/91スターレット、 ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3154684 ZZT230セリカ、NCP15ヴィッツ ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3154700 NCP10ヴィッツ ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3154766 NCP91ヴィッツ ¥18,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3252089 AK12/BK12マーチ ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3252396 BNK12マーチ(前期) ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3252408 K11/HK11マーチ ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3252528 BNK12マーチ(後期) ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3351068 GD1/3フィット ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3655462 KK3/4ヴィヴィオ、RA/RVプレオ ¥13,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3751938 ZC11/21Sスイフト ¥16,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3750064 ZD11/21Sスイフト ¥19,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3850072 M211G YRV ¥16,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3850074 L880Kコペン ¥16,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3152040 JZX90/100マークU/クレスタ/チェイサー ¥19,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3252053 32/33/34スカイライン(GT-R含む)、33/34/35ローレル、31系セフィーロ ¥19,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3450301 CP9A/CT9AランサーエボリューションRS/GSR ¥19,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3650701 GC8インプレッサ 170φ ¥19,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3650702 GC8/GDBインプレッサ 190φ ¥19,000(w/o tax)
RGM-3650703 BE/BL/BE/BP5、BE/BP9レガシィ ¥19,000(w/o tax)

※Available for a variety of vehicles. Please check the Application Table or directly contact DIXCEL.

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