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The racing brake pad in pursuit of high braking power with proportional brake control
  • Consistent operating friction level regardless of condition; high-temperature, high-powered, heavy weight, and heavy load driving.
  • Braking power directly proportional to brake pedal pressure
  • Extremely high brake control even with superior initial bite
  • Consistently rigid brake pedal feel even after repeated laps around the circuit
  • Perfect match with slick racing tires, competition-use tires, and high performance radial tires.
  • The official brake pad of the Volkswagen Scirocco Cup China Series.
Price for Japanese Cars Front : JPY25,000〜 (w/o tax)
Rear : JPY23,000〜 (w/o tax)
Price for European & American Cars Front: JPY25,000〜(w/o tax)
Rear: JPY23,000〜(w/o tax)
Friction Materials Carbon Semi Metal
Effective Temperature Range 200〜900℃
Initial bite (µ) 0.51
Average µ 0.40〜0.45
ステージ レース、ラリー、サーキット走行


Is it better to change the brake pads and brake discs at the same time?
RAtype グラフ
  • The above chart represents evaluation values of RA in 100 phases in comparison with R01 of the test model. Values of R01 show 50.
  • Above values are calculated under test condition.
Ideal for use in amateur races from short sprint races to endurance races.
  • ホンダ シビックインターカップ/東日本/西日本シリーズ
  • SUGOビクトリーカップレース
  • 富士チャンピオンレース
  • 岡山国際チャレンジカップレース
  • もてぎチャンピオンカップレース
  • 鈴鹿クラブマンレース
  • OPTION耐久レース
  • アルファチャレンジ/ETCC
Superior performance of "RA-type" shown in test data
■ The brake power tests at different temperatures (µ)


Decelaration (G) = 0.5G fixed.
The friction co-efficiency is measured at different temperatures with decelarating from 240km/h to 140km/h.

■ The brake power tests at different speeds (µ)


Decelaration (G) = 0.5G, temperature = 500℃ fixed
The friction co-efficiency is measured at different speeds.

Major applications and list prices
品 番 適 合 定価(税別)
321262 NISSAN Fr SKYLINE R32-34 TURBO/ S14/15 TURBO ¥25,000
321399 NISSAN Fr SKYLINE GT-R R32-34 ¥25,000
325499 NISSAN/MITSUBISHI/SUBARU Rr Brembo Caliper ¥25,000
331120 HONDA Fr CIVIC EK9/INTEGRA DC2 98 ¥25,000
331167 HONDA Fr INTEGRA DC5 ¥25,000
331238 HONDA Fr S2000 AP1/2 ¥25,000
341225 MITSUBISHI Fr LANCER EVOLUTION CP/CT9A (Brembo Caliper) ¥25,000
351120 MAZDA Fr RX-7 FC/FD3S ¥25,000
361077 SUBARU Fr IMPREZA GDB/GRB (Brembo Caliper) ¥25,000
9913215 AP RACING D50 TH17 CP5000/5040/5200 ¥25,000
9913894 AP RACING D51 TH18 CP3894/4909/5555/5570 ¥33,000
9910849 Lotus Brembo、 GranTurismo KIT (Caliper Family A/C/F) ¥25,000
281001 F40/50 Caliper、 GranTurismo KIT (Caliper Family B/H/P) ¥28,000
9910004 BREMBO 4POT TH16 RACING XA2.E6.11/14/31/34/51/54 ¥28,000
9250004 BREMBO 4POT TH25 NISMO N1 BREMBO ¥33,000
9910013 GranTurismo KIT (Caliper Family J/N) 380〜405mm DISC ¥33,000
9910014 GranTurismo KIT (Caliper Family M/N) 355〜380mm DISC ¥33,000
Going to the extremes of brake control

The DIXCEL R series brake pads are for ultra high performance use on both the race circuit and street. The brake pads were developed to offer consistent brake feel even in extreme conditions.

The R series brake pads (Including Specom-α and Specom-β) are race proven in the Super GT, Super Taikyu, and various other races with outstanding results.
DIXCEL brake pads are highly regarded even overseas, outside of Japan. Starting in 2010, DIXCEL RA-type pads are the official brake pads of the Volkswagen Scirocco Cup China series.
The Specom-β brake pads were used on the Nissan GT-R R35 by the winners of the 57th Macau Grand Prix Road Sport Challenge, Team TOP RACING of Hong Kong. The brake pads cannot just have improved initial bite; they must have great brake feel with precise control.
Various brake compounds were tested and developed on the race circuit by drivers like our test driver, Tetsuya Tanaka, and other top drivers in different categories of racing.
After rigorous testing and actual race use, the best compounds were chosen after analyzing various driver feedback and data results.

The importance of 1/10th of a second

DIXCEL R series brake pads are the choice for people who want to go faster.

  • ※R series brake pads are approved for street-use. PLEASE NOTE: Compared to the Z-type brake pads, the R series brake pads could possibly have increases in brake dust, noise, and decrease in disc life depending on the application.
  • ※The R series brake pads should be used only for sprint races. For endurance racing and professional racing, DIXCEL recommends the Specom-α and Specom-β brake pad




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