EStype / EXTRA Speed
Better braking power! Better heat resistance! Yet affordable!
  • Made for aggressive driving on the street and highway with better brake performance
  • High fade resistance makes for stable braking performance even during aggressive driving.
  • High level of brake control making it ideal for drifting
  • Helps for a longer disc life
  • The friction surface of the brake pads are scorched to improve the bedding-in process
  • Non-Asbestos, non-Steel making it environmentally friendly
  • Mechanical brake pad sensors are installed (Only for models which originally come with sensors)
Friction Materials Non asbestos organic
Effective Temperature Range 0〜600℃
Max μ Ave μ Min μ
0.48 0.35 0.34
Applicable Stages
  • Street
  • Winding(normal)
  • Winding(hard)
  • Gymkhana
ES type
Is it better to change the brake pads and brake discs at the same time?
ES type グラフ
  • The radar chart represents a comparison of each characteristic between DIXCEL products and general OEM products.
  • Above values are based on actual test results.
    Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust values are tested and calculated after a proper bedding-in procedure has been completed.
What is the difference between ES type and EC type?

EXTRA Speed(ES) and EXTRA Cruise(EC) are two unique products developed to outperform stock brake pads with inexpensive pricing.
ES Type: High temperature tolerance (up to 600℃) with mild initial friction. Characteristics suitable for sporty driving. Generates more brake dust than EC type.
EC Type: Good initial friction for extra safety in city driving. Not suitable for sporty driving which requires high temperature tolerance.

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The general performance test data using Brake Dynamometer
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