General Street Use
  • EXTRA Cruisetype
    EXTRA Cruise type
    • Affordable performance street pad with comfort
      • Improved braking performance
      • Less dust and rotor-friendly than ES type
  • Premiumtype
    Premium type
    • Better brake quality for a reasonable price
      • Low brake dust
      • Less aggressive on the brake discs
      • Long life
Ultra low dust type for prestige cars
  • Mtype
    M type
    • ULTRA low dust brake pads for street use
      • Significant reduction of brake dust
      • Stable operating friction level
      • Minimized disc wear
      • Long life
SUV and 4 x 4
  • Xtype
    X type
    • Consistent brake performance for heavier vehicles
      • Superior braking power for vans, SUVs, and 4x4s
      • Recommended for cars with oversized wheels

Street & Circuit

  • EXTRA Speedtype
    EXTRA Speed type
    • Affordable performance street pad
      • Improved braking performance
      • Higher friction and fade resistance than EC type
      • High level of brake control
  • Stype
    S type
    • Mid-range Sporty Street brake pads
      • Friction characteristics and temperature range designated for Street and Light track use
        (For track use on high-powered heavier cars, choose Z type)
      • Linear and well controlled response to pedal pressure
      • Wide temperature range and excellent rotor wear
  • Ztype
    Z type
    • ALL ROUND High Performance Brake pad
      • Designed for Street-use to Circuit-use
      • Optimal cold friction braking
      • High fade resistance for stable braking at high temp
      • Perfect for use with high performance radial tires

Circuit / Racing

  • Specom-α
    • The ultimate braking power
      • Ultimate initial bite
      • Stable with high temp. and high speed
      • Excellent pedal touch provides confidence in braking for amateur to professional drivers.
  • RAtype
    RA type
    • High balance between friction level and control
      • Excellent initial bite (milder than Specom-α)
      • Excellent brake control
      • Suitable for middle/light weight cars and for high speed course where modulation is important.
  • Specom-β
    • Good pad life and stability
      • Good initial bite (milder than RA type)
      • Better pad life with stable friction and pedal touch

Pads for Racing Calipers


Special Rear Pad

Rear pads for drifting and autocross
  • RDtype
    RD type
    • High μ rear pads for competion use
      • For autocross, rallying and drifting
      • Choice of DIXCEL D1 drivers
Rear pads for FF cars
  • RNtype
    RN type
    • Anti-lock rear pads for FF(FWD) vehicles
      • High response minimize the weight shifting towards front and lessens rear lock-ups.

Brake shoes

  • RGStype
    RGS type
    • 国産車
    • Rear shoe for street sport & racing purpose
  • RGXtype
    RGX type
    • 国産車
    • Rear shoe for SUV, RV and 4x4 vehicles
  • RGMtype
    RGM type
    • Rear brake shoes for handbrake turns/drifting
      • For autocross, rallying and drifting
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