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Company Profile

Company Name DIXCEL Co., Ltd.
President Eisaku Onda
Business Manufacturing of Brake pads, Brake discs for cars.
Establishment 2003.06.30
The capital 30 million yen
Employees 40
Office 3-3 Nishihitotsuya,Settsushi,Osaka 566-0044 Japan
TEL/FAX TEL  +81-6-6340-0121
FAX  +81-6-6340-0242
URL www.dixcel.co.jp
E-Mail info@dixcel.jp
Our bank Kansai Mirai Bank, Itakano Branch
Major product Brake Pad
Brake Disc
Brake Fluid
Other Various Products for Motor Sport
Purpose of foundation In June 2003, DIXCEL was founded to produce and sell brake products for street-use and circuit-use. 'DIXCEL' is a fusion of two words, deceleration and excellent. As a brake manufacturer we design, develop, produce, and sell brake products.

Company Overview

Oct, 2003 Start operation at Settsu City Osaka, Japan
Dec, 2003 Brake Disc PD/SD Type released as DIXCEL brand (each type has about 500 items)
Mar, 2004 Brake Pad M/Z Type released (each type has about 300 items)
Apr, 2004 Brake Pad R01 Type released
Apr, 2004 Start supplying DIXCEL products for Super Taikyu (endurance) Race series, which is major car racing competition held in Japan
Apr, 2005 Brake Fluid (DOT 4) released
Nov, 2005 For European and American cars, Brake Pad "Premium" series which has got very good performance at reasonable price released
Mar, 2006 Provide technical support to Team Jim Gainer Ferrari of Super GT Class GT300,
Apr, 2006 Exhibit at Tokyo Import Car Show 2006
Jul, 2006 For circuit users, Brake Disc FP/FS Type which is good at reducing distortions and cracks released
Jan, 2007 Introduce anti-rust coating to Brake Disc
Mar, 2009 328 Racing, brake fluid, released
Apr, 2009 Exhibit at Shanghai Auto Show 2009
Dec, 2009 Brake Pad Extra series (EC type & ES type) released
Aug, 2010 DIXCEL R&D Co,Ltd Established
Oct, 2010 Exhibit at Tianjin Auto Show
Jun, 2011 Start DIXCEL relief project to support Tohoku, Japan earthquakes victims
Aug, 2011 DIXCEL CHINA Co, Ltd Established
Oct, 2011 Exhibit at China Auto Salon 2011
Dec, 2011 Launched a Facebook page
Jan, 2012 Exhibit at Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 (Since then, exhibit every year)
Jan, 2012 2 Pieces Type Disc Rotor Assembly released
Feb, 2012 Exhibit at Osaka Auto Messe 2012 (Since then, exhibit every year)
Mar, 2012 Provide products to the teams of D1 GRAND PRIX
Nov, 2014 "GAINER DIXCEL SLS" wins the 2014 team championship of Super GT SERIES class GT300
Dec, 2014 Achieve 500,000 Likes on Facebook
Dec, 2015 Start "DIXCEL Wear Warranty" system
Dec, 2017 Exhibit at Osaka Motor Show 2017
Mar, 2018 Exhibit at International Auto Aftermarket EXPO (Since then, exhibit every year)
  FIA F3 Asian Championship Official Brake pad supplier
  Blancpain GT Series Asia Official Brake partner
Apr, 2018 Exhibit at Vladivostok International Autosalon 2018 (Since then, exhibit every year)
Jul, 2018 Shifts to a subsidiary of its new holding company, DJ Holdings Co., Ltd., by transferring all its stock
Jul, 2018 Relocated to 3-3 Nishihitotsuya, Settsushi, Osaka, 566-0044, Japan
Oct, 2018 DIXCEL ULTRA Racing, racing brake fluid, released
Aug, 2019 DOT4 LV, brake fluid, released
Jan, 2021 DIXCEL Comprehensive Catalogue Vol.8 edition released
Apr, 2021 K-Car series products released (KP type brake pad, KD type brake disc and KS type pad & disc set)
Jun, 2021 Over 1400 items of Brake Pads and 2500 items of Brake Discs have been released
Aug, 2021 New "Graphite grease" with increased noise absorbing properties released
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