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Long lasting reliable performance with a high wet boiling point.
All round brake fluid for street-use with a reasonable price.
  • High quality brake fluid at a reasonable price!
  • High wet boiling point with high performance.
  • Same replacement frequency as the DOT3/4, also being Glycol based fluid.
Volume 1L
Part No. BF510-01(bottle) List price without tax ¥1,800
BF510-10(10bottles) ¥18,000
Meets the following specifications FMVSS 116 DOT5.1 & SAEJ1704 Main ingredient Glycol based
Typical Properties
  DIXCEL Brake Fluid DOT5.1 FMVSS spec(DOT5.1)
Dry boiling point 269 over 260
Wet boiling point 187 over 180
Viscosity (-40) 810cSt under 900cSt
Viscosity (100) 2.17cSt over 1.5cSt
pH 7.49 7`11.5
Come with Fluid change reminders. Replace the whole amount every two years(1 to 1.5 liters).
  • The date on the reminder sticker is just an indication. The oil change intervals may vary depending on the conditions under which the vehicles are used.
  • Normally 1 liter of brake fluid is needed to replace the whole amount in the brake system. Please refer to the owner's manual of the vehicle.
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