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BRAKE FLUID DOT4 LV( Low Viscosity[低粘度])
A new standard for DOT4. (LV stands for Low Viscosity)
Ideal for the latest cars with the advanced ABS and ESC.
  • DOT4LV(Class6) brake fluid is used in the latest car models with electronic programs for braking and vehicle stability such as ABS and ESC.
  • Latest ESC and ABS require quick response of the braking components where DOT4 LV contributes greatly.
  • Stable viscosity at low-to-high ambient temperatures.
Volume 1L
Part No./
List price without tax
BF410LV-01(bottle)/ ¥1,700
BF410LV-10(10bottles)/ ¥17,000
Meets the following specifications FMVSS 116 DOT4 & SAE J1704 ISO 4925(CLASS 6)
Main ingredient Glycol based
◆ Typical Properties
Dry boiling point 267℃ over 250℃
Wet boiling point 172℃ over 165℃
Viscosity(-40℃) 675cSt under 750cSt
Viscosity(100℃) 2.10cSt over 1.5cSt
pH 8.53 7〜11.5

[About Class6] ... International standard which places emphasis viscosity at low temperature to ensure that electronic control devices such as ABS activates safely and certainly under low temperature condition.

Come with Fluid change reminders. Replace the whole amount every two years(1 to 1.5 liters).
  • The date on the reminder sticker is just an indication. The oil change intervals may vary depending on the conditions under which the vehicles are used.
  • Normally 1 liter of brake fluid is needed to replace the whole amount in the brake system. Please refer to the owner's manual of the vehicle.
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