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328 Racing
The world's highest grade racing brake fluid! Having passed the DOT4 standard
  • The dry boiling point (328C) which exceeds the DOT4 standard
  • Since the fluid exceeds the DOT4 standard, the fluid can be used on the street and race circuit.
    Great for users who drive their car on both the street and race circuit.
  • Since the fluid is glycol based, it causes no harm to the rubber seals and gaskets.
  • The comfort of having a firmer brake pedal feel, and the stable performance even after long use on the race circuit.
  • Outstanding performance at a reasonable price!
  • The firmer pedal feel is also ideal for street-use.
  • The choice of brake fluid of teams in SUPER GT/Super Taikyu/Civic one-make race series.
328 Racing
Part No. /
List price without tax
RF328-01 (bottle) / ¥2,400
RF328-12(12bottles) / ¥28,800
Volume 0.5k
Meets the following specifications FMVSS 116 DOT4 & SAE J1704
Main ingredient Glycol based
Typical Properties
  328 Racing FMVSS spec
Dry boiling point 328 over 230
Wet boiling point 204 over 155
Viscosity (-40) 1698cSt under 1800cSt
Viscosity (100) 2.59cSt over 1.5cSt
pH 7.15 7`11.5
Come with Fluid change reminders. Replace the whole amount every two years(1 to 1.5 liters).
  • The date on the reminder sticker is just an indication. The oil change intervals may vary depending on the conditions under which the vehicles are used.
  • Normally 1 liter of brake fluid is needed to replace the whole amount in the brake system. Please refer to the owner's manual of the vehicle.
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