Brake pads with consistent stopping power for heavier vehicles and upgraded oversized wheels.
  • Superior braking power to easily stop mini-vans and SUVs with upgraded oversized wheels.
  • Unlike the past brake pads which focused only on initial bite; the new pads offer braking power that is proportional to brake pedal pressure.
  • Firm brake pedal feel and proportional brake performance helps you forget the heavy weight of the car・Superior braking performance, less harsh to help prolong disc life.
  • An must-have item for cars with upgraded oversized wheels that use OEM brake calipers.
Friction Materials Graphite metallic
Effective Temperature Range 0〜700℃
Max μ Ave μ Min μ
0.68 0.60 0.57
Applicable Stages
  • Street
  • Winding(normal)
  • Off-road
Is it better to change the brake pads and brake discs at the same time?
Xtype グラフ
  • The radar chart represents a comparison of each characteristic between DIXCEL products and general OEM products.
  • Above values are based on actual test results.
    Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust values are tested and calculated after a proper bedding-in procedure has been completed.
The dust amount
  • ■ The dust amount of DIXCEL M type
    (after 1,000 km mileage)
  • ■ The dust amount of DIXCEL X type
    (after 1,000 km mileage)
Test data showing the superior performance of the X-type brake pads compared to the OEM brake pads

Brake pad performance comparison test of the X-type and OEM using a heavier vehicle with upgraded oversized wheels.

Test Vehicle :
DIXCEL tuned Toyota Alphard
Test Method :
Replicating ordinary street-use, full braking from 60km/h. Replicating highway-use, braking from 80km/h. Repeating each condition 5 times for the 3 different patterns listed below. Taking an average of the stopping distances not using the maximum and minimum values for each pattern.
Pattern 1 :
OEM wheels (16 inch) and OEM brake pads
Pattern 2 :
Aftermarket wheels (22 inch) and OEM brake pads
Pattern 3 :
Aftermarket wheels (22 inch) and DIXCEL X-type brake pads
■ Comparison of braking distances
Upgrading your wheels to oversized aftermarket wheels without upgrading your brake pads can be dangerous! To avoid a decrease in brake performance, DIXCEL recommends upgrading your brake pads when upgrading to oversized aftermarket wheels!
The general performance test data using Brake Dynamometer
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