ECtype / EXTRA Cruise
Better brake performance! Less brake dust! Yet affordable!
  • Made for cruising on the street and highway with better brake performance
  • Longer pad life compared to OEM
  • Low level of brake dust and brake noise
  • Helps for a longer disc life
  • The friction surface of the brake pads are scorched to improve the bedding-in process
  • Mechanical brake pad sensors are installed (Only for models which originally come with sensors)
Price for Japanese Cars Front : JPY8,000 (w/o tax) `
Rear : JPY6,000 (w/o tax) `
Friction Materials Non asbestos organic
Effective Temperature Range 0`450Ž
Max μ Ave μ Min μ
0.50 0.41 0.35
Applicable Stages Street

¦For Japanese makes only

EC type
Is it better to change the brake pads and brake discs at the same time?
EC type ƒOƒ‰ƒt
  • The radar chart represents a comparison of each characteristic between DIXCEL products and general OEM products.
  • Above values are based on actual test results.
    Anti-Noise and Anti-Dust values are tested and calculated after a proper bedding-in procedure has been completed.
The dust amount
  • The dust amount of DIXCEL EC
    (after 1,000 km mileage)
  • The dust amount of OEM pads
    (after 1,000km mileage)
Testing data showing the performance differences of the EC-type pads and OEM pads.

The extra series has the brake performance of a sport brake pads with a price equivalent to OEM pads.
To actually test the performance differences, a braking test was done with an stock Toyota Alphard.

The testing method is rather simple. The car goes through full braking from 80km/h. The distance from the braking point to the point where the car comes to a complete stop is measured.

Photos from the brake tests
¡ Photos of OEM brake tests
¡ Photos of EC-type brake tests
The distance from the braking point to the point where the car comes to a complete stop (Distance in meters)
Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4 Test 5 The average of the 3 middle numbers
(excluding the max. and min numbers)
Normal 21.80 21.00 19.60 23.20 22.80 21.87
EC 19.70 17.60 17.80 21.00 17.30 18.37

The result, the EC-type has an average of 3.5 meters shorter braking distance compared to the OEM.

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